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“100 Years/100 Objects: Sheboygan County Historical Society Celebrates a Century of Collecting”


The Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum is celebrating its centennial with a special exhibition titled 100 Years/100 Objects: A Century of Collecting. The exhibit will run from February 18 to October 22 and showcase 100 unique objects from the museum’s collection of 35,000 pieces, spanning a wide range of topics, including local archaeology, donations from the Daughters of the American Revolution, and items related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The exhibition aims to give visitors an insight into the rich history and diverse culture of Sheboygan County, showcasing artifacts that highlight the community’s past, present, and future. It will be the first time the museum has dedicated an exhibition to its collection, and visitors can expect to see fascinating objects that shed light on the area’s agricultural heritage, Native American culture, and social history.

The Sheboygan County Historical Society was founded in 1923, and since then, it has grown to become one of the most important cultural institutions in the area. Initially, exhibits were displayed at various places in the county, including the Mead Public Library and Sheboygan County Courthouse. However, in 1948, the Historical Society signed a lease agreement with the county to use the David Taylor House as a museum, giving the collection a permanent home. The museum opened to the public six years later in 1954.

In the following years, the museum continued to expand, with the current building opening in phases between 1997 and 1999. The underground portion was dedicated in July 1997, and the Kohler addition was dedicated in May 1999. Today, the museum is a leading center for cultural and historical research, featuring a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, documents, and other materials.

The Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum is committed to preserving and sharing the area’s rich history and culture with the community. In addition to its impressive collection, the museum offers a range of programs and events for people of all ages, including lectures, workshops, and guided tours. Visitors can also access the museum’s research library, which contains a wealth of information about local history and genealogy.

If you are interested in exploring the fascinating history and culture of Sheboygan County, be sure to visit the Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum. The 100 Years/100 Objects: A Century of Collecting exhibition is a unique opportunity to see some of the most important and fascinating objects from the museum’s collection, and learn more about the area’s rich history and culture. Museum admission is affordable, and the experience is sure to be unforgettable. For more information about the Sheboygan County Historical Society and Museum, including hours and upcoming events, visit https://sheboyganmuseum.org/

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