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Sheboygan’s New Tourism Campaign: ‘Come for the Bratwurst, Stay Because You’ve Eaten Too Much and Can’t Move’

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Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com

Sheboygan, WI – In a whimsical yet strategic proposal to boost tourism, Christine Plocar of Sheboygan Life has suggested a new campaign with a humorous twist: “Come for the Bratwurst, Stay Because You’ve Eaten Too Much and Can’t Move”. This idea, while unconventional, has sparked considerable interest and amusement in the local community and beyond.

Plocar, known for her creative approaches to promoting Sheboygan’s lifestyle, presented the concept at a recent town hall meeting. “Sheboygan is famous for its bratwurst, and we thought, why not play that up? The campaign is a playful nod to our love for good, hearty food,” she explained.

The proposed campaign includes whimsical advertisements focusing on Sheboygan’s culinary pride – the bratwurst. Local restaurants have already expressed enthusiasm about the idea, with some planning to introduce ‘Bratwurst Challenges’ for the more adventurous foodies.

Karl Weber, owner of The Brat Stop, commented, “Christine’s idea is brilliant in its simplicity and humor. We see it as a fun way to celebrate our food culture and entice visitors to stay a little longer, enjoy the scenery, and maybe even walk off their meal!”

Plocar’s suggestion also includes promotional material that encourages tourists to explore Sheboygan’s other attractions. “We have a beautiful lakefront, a rich history, and a thriving arts scene. This campaign is a humorous gateway to all that Sheboygan offers,” Plocar added.

While the idea has its critics, who caution against promoting overindulgence, the overall reception has been positive. Many locals see it as a unique and light-hearted way to celebrate Sheboygan’s heritage and hospitality.

Tourists and residents alike are intrigued by the concept. “I was here for the bratwurst, but I’m staying for the charm and warmth of this town,” said one visitor, embodying the spirit of the proposed campaign.

Christine Plocar’s unconventional suggestion has certainly put Sheboygan in the spotlight, with many eager to see if this playful concept will evolve into a full-fledged campaign. For now, Sheboygan continues to be a destination where good food and good times are always on the menu.

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