Sheboygan Sets Sail to Victory: Honored as “Race Site of the Year” for the 2023’s Inaugural P1 Powerboat Event


The coastal city of Sheboygan has recently been distinguished with the prestigious “Race Site of the Year” award for 2023, an accolade presented by P1 Offshore. This recognition comes in light of the city’s outstanding execution of its first-ever P1 powerboat racing event last year, setting a high standard for future hosts.

During a ceremony at the Common Council meeting on Monday, Stuart Halle, a representative from P1 Offshore, formally bestowed the honor on Sheboygan. This decision was made during P1 Offshore’s Annual Meeting, where various aspects of race site performance were scrutinized. The criteria for this esteemed award included factors such as insurance coverage, the quality of officiating, team participation and support, as well as the effectiveness of local and regional event marketing and publicity. Moreover, the integration of the event within the broader marketing and promotional efforts of the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and the venue itself, spanning pre-event, on-site, and post-event activities, was also a key consideration.

The selection committee, tasked with choosing the winner among three finalists in the professional division, undertook a comprehensive review of all submissions. This review process entailed a detailed comparison of statistics and a thorough evaluation of the outcomes. It was during this meticulous examination that Sheboygan’s event emerged as the standout, fulfilling all the required criteria with distinction. Halle remarked on Sheboygan’s comprehensive achievement, noting that it “checked all the boxes” and thus represented a clear and deserving recipient of the award. Notably, this marks the first occasion that P1 Offshore has awarded the Race Site of the Year to a new host city in its inaugural year of hosting.

Halle praised Sheboygan’s journey from the initial concept to the flawless execution of the event, highlighting the city’s unwavering commitment, dedicated effort, and the invaluable contribution of volunteers. These elements collectively underscored Sheboygan’s merit in receiving this honor.

Building on last year’s success, P1 Offshore has confirmed its return to Sheboygan for the second annual powerboat racing event, scheduled to take place from August 9 to 11. This upcoming event is eagerly anticipated, promising to further solidify Sheboygan’s reputation as a premier destination for powerboat racing enthusiasts and to contribute to the city’s growing prestige within the competitive powerboat racing circuit.

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