Sheboygan County in a Winter Wonderland: Turkeys Survive Snowpocalypse While Chickens Struggle


Sheboygan County, Wisconsin was in for a treat on Thursday night, March 9th, 2023. Instead of a regular chilly evening, they were greeted with snowfall that would put the North Pole to shame. The snow fell so heavily that people could almost swear that they saw Santa and his reindeer flying by.

By Friday morning, the snow had accumulated to about 10 inches, and if you lived lakeside, then you were in for a bigger surprise. Snowfall totals were even higher.

Reports of broken branches and power outages were rampant throughout the night, leaving people in the dark, quite literally. The roads were a slushy mess, making it impossible to drive anywhere, but the snowplows were working tirelessly to keep the streets clear and safe for workers across Sheboygan county.

However, the heavy, wet snow did not spare the poor chicken coop in the backyard of one resident who reported that the snow was so heavy that it destroyed the coop, leaving the poor chickens out in the cold. Fortunately, no chicken deaths were reported, so it looks like they managed to brave the cold and the snow. On the other hand, their turkey neighbors were lucky, and no damage was done to their coop. It seems like they had built their coop with more sturdy materials than the chicken coop.

All in all, it was an eventful night in Sheboygan County, with the heavy snowfall bringing both chaos and laughter. While some people struggled with power outages and broken branches, others were left with hilarious stories to tell, like the turkey coop that stood tall in the face of heavy snow.

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