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Caan’s Floral’s Big Move: From Chicago to Sheboygan for Superior Small Talk


In a blooming relocation story, Caan’s Floral has made the significant transition from the bustling streets of a Chicago suburb to the welcoming arms of Sheboygan. Owners Kris and Ruth Shepard, who took over the floral business in 2013, cite the move as a lifestyle upgrade, particularly praising Sheboygan’s unparalleled small talk scene.

“We thought we knew friendly chatter in Chicago, but Sheboygan takes it to another level,” Kris Shepard shared. “Here, even the tulips engage in conversation!”

The Shepards’ floral business is flourishing in its new environment, with locals flocking to experience not only the beautiful blooms but also the warm, chatty atmosphere that has become the shop’s hallmark.


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