Breaking News: Sheboygan Police Officer Honored as 2022 Woman Police Officer of the Year!


A recent ceremony held by the Wisconsin Association of Women Police celebrated the outstanding achievements of a Sheboygan Police Department officer. Sargent Sarah Blodgett was bestowed with the prestigious title of Woman Police Officer of the Year for 2022.

SGT Blodgett’s impressive contribution to law enforcement was commended by the Sheboygan Police Benevolent Association, of which she is a member. The association expressed its elation and pride at her well-deserved recognition, stating that Sarah “does a phenomenal job representing our association,” and that her hard work has been rightfully acknowledged.

This award is a testament to SGT Blodgett’s exceptional professionalism, dedication, and commitment to serving and protecting her community. Her unwavering devotion to her duty as a police officer and her outstanding contributions to the field of law enforcement have earned her the title of Woman Police Officer of the Year, a recognition that she undoubtedly deserves.

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