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Best Chicken In Sheboygan Nominations


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From crispy fried delights to sumptuously grilled classics, chicken dishes have always held a special place in our culinary hearts. As we continue our journey with the Sheboygan Plate Awards at SheboyganLife.com, our next delectable category is the much-loved ‘Best Chicken in Sheboygan.’ Whether it’s a family recipe that’s been passed down through generations, a modern twist on an old favorite, or a fusion dish that bursts with flavor, we know there’s a spot in Sheboygan that serves chicken like no other.

Help us shine a spotlight on that establishment by nominating them in the comments section below. Your favorite chicken-serving eatery could be the proud recipient of a Golden Plate Award! It’s time to flock together as a community and determine who truly offers the best chicken dishes in town.

The stage is set, and the flavors await. Let’s embark on this poultry quest and celebrate the establishments that know their chicken inside out!

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