Annual Kids Bike Rodeo in Sheboygan: A Community Celebration of Safety and Fun


Sheboygan, WI – The annual Kids Bike Rodeo, organized by Patrol Officer Dustin Fickett of the Sheboygan Police Department, took place on June 8th in the parking lot of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church on S. 12th St. This event, now in its second year post-COVID hiatus, has been a beloved tradition for over a decade, promoting bike safety and community engagement among Sheboygan’s youth.

Interactive and Educational Experience for Children

The Kids Bike Rodeo offers an interactive and educational experience for children aged three to twelve, encompassing a variety of activities designed to improve their biking skills. The event begins with basic instructions on how to start pedaling, braking, and using hand signals. Children navigate through obstacle courses featuring half-cut tennis balls simulating road hazards and zigzag paths to practice controlled turns.

Comprehensive Obstacle Course

One highlight is the comprehensive obstacle course, which teaches kids to handle bumps and navigate stop signs, all in a safe, controlled environment. These activities are not just about biking but also about fostering a positive relationship between the community and the police department. Officer Fickett emphasizes the importance of children feeling comfortable interacting with the police, which can help them feel secure reaching out in times of need.

Volunteer Support

The event runs annually from 10 AM to 3 PM and is entirely supported by volunteers.

Officer Fickett acknowledges the indispensable contributions of his colleagues and other community members.

“Everyone volunteers for this event,” he says. “Even though my name might be on the top, I can’t do this without the numerous police officers that come.” Officers from Sheboygan PD, the county, Elkhart PD, and the Public Safety Cadets, a youth program for ages 14 to 20, all play vital roles.

Community Contributions

Support from local organizations and businesses is crucial. The Sheboygan Cycling Club, ReBike, and Aurora Medical Center of Sheboygan County all contribute significantly. ReBike volunteers their time as well as offer free bicycle repairs, ensuring each child’s bike is safe and ready. Aurora Medical Center staff fit helmets for safety,

Educational Station

The rodeo also features an educational station with traffic laws and ordinances, promoting comprehensive learning. Officer Fickett notes the joy of seeing children return each year, advancing in their biking skills and growing in confidence.

Business Support

Local businesses, including Tietz’s Piggly Wiggly, Trilling True Value, Home Depot, Culver’s, and Lakeshore Lanes, provide refreshments, bike locks, reflectors, and other essentials, making the event free for all participants. Home Depot’s longstanding support includes donating over 240 cones and other equipment, while the Department of Public Works supplies signs and large traffic cones. Additionally, those who preregister for the event receive free tickets to a Sheboygan A’s baseball game, thanks to the generous support of the Sheboygan A’s baseball team.

Community Spirit

The Kids Bike Rodeo exemplifies the Sheboygan community’s spirit of collaboration and dedication to safety and education. As the event continues to grow, Officer Fickett and his team look forward to welcoming even more families next year, ensuring that the tradition of safe, fun, and educational biking continues to thrive in Sheboygan.

More Information

For more information about next year’s Kids Bike Rodeo and other community events, visit Sheboygan Police Department’s website or follow them on social media.

Recognitions and Sponsors

  • Sheboygan Police Department: Event organization and volunteer officers
  • Sheboygan Cycling Club: Volunteers
  • ReBike: Free bicycle repairs and education
  • Aurora Medical Center of Sheboygan County: Helmet fitting and safety education
  • Tietz’s Piggly Wiggly: Refreshments
  • Trilling True Value: Bike locks and reflectors
  • Home Depot: Equipment donations
  • Department of Public Works: Traffic signs and cones
  • Elkhart Police Department
  • Culver’s
  • Lakeshore Lanes
  • Sheboygan A’s Baseball Team: Free game tickets for preregistered participants

Mark your calendars for next year’s rodeo, and join us in making Sheboygan a safer place for our children to ride and thrive!

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