Take Sheboygan’s Brat Oath


The “Brat Oath” is a humorous and lighthearted declaration of commitment to the tradition and rituals surrounding the consumption of bratwurst. The oath involves a promise to always fry brats, serve them on a hard roll, and protect them from non-sanctioned preparation techniques, such as pre-boiling or using pickled cabbage as a condiment. The person taking the oath also vows to reject the use of oblong buns and to never deny a brat eater a beer. The oath is meant to be a declaration of one’s dedication to the preservation of the bratwurst tradition, and to their role as a “pillar of strength” in the “Bratwurst Capital of the World”. So in order to continue to be a “pillar of strength” and preserve our bratwurst tradition, feel free to take the Sheboygan’s brat oath and repeat after me:

I, (insert name here), do solemnly swear before all brat-certified sausage makers, bakers and backyard chefs, that I vow to respect the brat ritual, with all its rights and privileges endowed upon its practice, and I will hold steadfast to its meaning and tradition.

With resolution I proclaim the promise to always fry brats, to always serve them on a hard roll and to always protect them from non-sanctioned preparation techniques. I hereby swear that I denounce pre-boiling. I denounce overdressing with pickled cabbage and other offensive forms of condimentation. I denounce the oblong bun, and I will deny all temptation to engage in inter-relations between brat and cheese rituals.

It is my duty and intent to become now and forever a pillar of strength in the foundation of the Bratwurst Capital of the World, and with that duty and intent, I shall never, even in the shadow of the face of death, deny a brat eater a beer.

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